We have provided the explanation for different transaction status listed as following:

Pending  |   Authorized  | Entererd |  Declined/Failed  |  Captured   |   Voided  |   Approved  |  Refunded | Pending refund |  Chargeback   |  Returned |  Pending return


Pending means once a transaction data has been submitted, the initial status of the transaction will be this status.

Other condition of pending is that we have not received the feedback from the bank system.


In credit card pre-authorization processing, authorized means the card is existed and the funds are available to cover a purchase amount. The funds is reserved for the purchase and the transaction is waiting for captured.



In echeck, it means a transaction data has just been submitted.

In credit card/echeck, declined or failed means the transaction is not successfully processed. The reason generally is from the bank security system.


In credit card pre-authorization processing, captured means the funds on the card has been credited to the merchant bank, the transaction is successfully completed.

In echeck processing, captured means the check has been cleared, the transaction is successfully completed.


In credit card pre-authorization processing, voided means the pre-authorization transaction has been voided.

In credit card sales transaction, there is no voided status.

In echeck processing, voided means the echeck transaction has been voided before clearing. 


In credit card sales transaction or echeck. It means the funds has been charged from the customer's bank account.

The transaction has been successfully completed. 



It means the transaction has been refunded to the customer's Altercards account.


Pending Refund

It means merchant has submitted the refund request and we will process the refund to the customer's Altercards account.



It means the transaction has been charged back by the customer or the issuing bank.



In echeck, it means the funds of the transaction is directly processed to the customer\'s echeck bank account.

Pending Return

It means merchant has submitted the refund request and we will process the refund to the customer's bank account..