Send and receive money by e-mail
Now, with the e-wallet Transfer service, you can use Altercards E-wallet system to send and receive money electronically.
An Altercards e-Transfer allows you to send money to anyone with an email address and a bank account globally. 
We open access so you can send funds to anyone around the world.
No hassle, no worries and a security system to protect your personal information.
Transfer Funds with just one click you can initiate an internal money transfer and external transfers. 

Internal money transfers are transfers within E-Wallet system.

They include:

Transfers between your current e-wallet account and merchant accounts.
Transfers to other account holders.
External money transfers are made outside E-Wallet system to your bank account. You can make a transfer to your verified bank accounts anywhere in the world.
Deposit Money allows its account holders to receive money to their account in various ways. These methods include: 
Instant transfer from other account holders.
Incoming bank wire transfer.(underdevelopment)
Direct credit card deposits.
Direct from a checking account (underdevelopment)

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