About Altercards E-wallet Online Customer’s Account

What it is

The E-wallet Account is a free online payment account that you can use to make deposits and pay for goods on thousands of sites. You can also use your E-Wallet to transfer funds from other members and than deposit directly to your own bank account of your choice. Whether you want to pay online, send money or get paid, the Altercards E-Wallet offers you a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional payment methods.

How to get it
Getting an E-Wallet Account is free and easy. Simply follow these three steps.
Click on homepage of this site website
Enter your personal details

Start using your new E-Wallet account.

Security and privacy
Secure and private payments

An Advantage to the E-wallet account is privacy; where you spend your money will not be shown on your banks statements, credit card statements or any method used to deposit into your account. Protect your payments with the Altercards E-Wallet’s discreet and secure purchases, where all your purchasing information is under your control.

Safer than credit cards

When you make a payment with your Altercards E-Wallet, this information is kept private, keeping your data safe and protected against fraud. We act as a buffer so merchants have no credit card information about you dramatically decreasing the chances of fraud or identity theft.

fraud protection
128-bit encryption technology, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring are just a few of the ways we ensure your account information is always secured.
A personal spending account

One of the problems with debit and credit cards is that they are frequently associated with your bank account. By keeping your spending money separate in an Altercards E-Wallet, you’ll never spend more than you allow yourself too.

 Customer support
Other problems with payment options is the time needed to get refunds, or assistance when there is a problem with an order. Most Credit card companies are not directly affiliated with the merchants that use their services and solving disputes often takes much longer than needed.
By using the E-wallet it empowers us to represent you for your transactions, allowing us to help you deal directly with the merchants and visa versa. We our proud of our customer service department that helps the customer and merchant resolve issues with payments.
Your e-wallet account also has a built in shipment tracking system to show you when exactly a merchant has shipped your items.

Gone are the days where you wonder if you will receive anything at all. Merchants upload shipping tracking numbers directly to your account. Allowing you to easily check where your parcel is with out the hassle of contacting the merchant.

What you can do with it

Deposit directly to merchant accounts
Instead of waiting for a site to process your payments using traditional payment methods, you can transfer funds directly to your Merchants E-Wallet and enjoy the freedom to move your money wherever you want without the wait. Instant transfers, no signatures, secure checks to pass, verifications and on-line bugs that can slow down your purchase, error code a credit card or provide sensitive information On-line.

Cash out from merchant sites

Since you can transfer directly to the merchants, merchants can also transfer back to you painlessly and easily, had a nice chat with your Merchant and he decides to return 10% of the purchase back, instantly done, no hassles, no long waits, no need to continue to check your statements to see if its coming and no extra card charges. With in minutes you can see it in your account ready for you to use again or transfer it where you please.

Send money with Money Transfer
Altercards E-wallet Money Transfer is a fast, simple and secure way to instantly send money to individuals. Available through your eWallet, Transfer funds is a low-cost alternative to traditional methods of sending money.