Looking for an ideal online payment solution? 

E-Wallet Merchant Account 

Altercards is the solution. Altercards is not a banking institution but we offer most of the services that your bank might do plus many more as an e-wallet system. As a business owner your daily operations might include paying numerous employees, affiliates or vendors and receiving funds. As an Altercards business merchant account holder, you can save a lot of time, headaches and money by using our e-wallet system for all your financial needs. You can instantly create Altercards personal accounts to your employees or affiliates and pay them by transferring money from your Altercards business current account to theirs. The money is available right away in their e-wallet account. This is the fastest and most cost effective method to pay people nowadays. We offer you a one-stop solution for most of your business needs so you can concentrate on running and growing your business.

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation with high volumes, accepting subscriptions or MOTO based sales, or if you're a high risk merchant, Altercards E-wallet is an excellent stand alone solution and or a superb additional payment option for your customers.

Altercards E-wallet allows you to accept payments from your customers and allowing them to keep control of their personal information and security with out increasing your risk to fraud. Personal information and credit card information never reaches your website, helping you avoid any security beaches and making international compliance a breeze to pass.

Altercards E-wallet makes accepting customer payments a simple, fast and painless method to set up and get your business receiving payments.

Self Register today and get your approval with in 48 hours.
No upfront fees.

By opening an account with Altercards, you automatically create yourself a current account in our e-wallet system. The default currency of your account is USD (US dollars) but other currencies are available upon request. With your current account you can:
Receive money from other Altercards users globally.
Load funds by credit card or (to be added soon)wire transfer, certified check, direct debit, e-transfers.
Send money to other Altercards users.
Withdraw funds to your bank account globally.
Send out mass payments to other Altercards account holders.
Create personal accounts for your affiliates and employees.
Accept payments on your website.

Send out request funds order to receive payment from non account holders.

Verification of an account is a procedure where an Altercards account holder sends or uploads his proof of identity to our verification department using our simple system. Once this procedure is done and approved your limits will be upgraded. 

E-Wallet accounts fall into the special category of merchant accounts for businesses which are processing sales. 

If you are running an and looking for a new account with low rates, multi-currency processing and all major cards acceptance, look no further!

Requirements for an eWallet: 

A valid government issued Identification.
A recent utility bill registered under your name with matching address of either your residence or your registered company.
A snap shot of your URL domain registration, showing your URL, your personal contact information and address or you registered business name and address

A valid business registration certificate.

Please note that all merchants should be aware about:
Both Visa and MasterCard are assessing large fines for illegal content or copyright infringement
Download sites - these sites must have legal licensing from the producers (i.e., music/movie downloads)
Merchants are to abide by their registered countries laws for international e-commerce activities.