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Trying to start a business in the highly competitive online and offline world can be challenging. On-line Merchants need to seek not only their market niche globally, but also need to find a matching payment solution that can be flexible and affordable enough to make their business flourish.

As the world moves forward and better technologies become available, new methods are being developed to reduce and solve the pitfalls of previous payment systems that have monopolized world payments options. Although convenient and truth being said, absolutely efficient these payment options come with their own bag of problems such as identity theft, limitations on merchants applicable, high rates and inaccessibility to certain finically stricken groups.

Altercards was developed to remove some of these limitations and provide a service that is widely needed. Our e-wallet system provides a simple, secure, easy to use platform to transfer funds internationally.

We protect the purchaser from placing their personal information on the web and provide the same ability to purchase from their favorite on-line stores further removing the threat of having personal information stolen and used with out consent.

New startup businesses that join Altercards are able to access payments with out the need of jumping through numerous hoops to prove they are honest merchants. Small legal business can start accepting payments faster and with less hassle under the guidance of Altercards e-wallet system.

We assist in customer service to ensure the customer is always the priority and help prevent communication errors that can occur from international merchants and their global customers.

By providing a standard of service and ensuring both customer and merchant are satisfied with each other, both merchant and customer benefit from the results. Customers receive products from around the globe, cheaper, faster than ever before and new business vendors can build their reputation and credit history to prove they are a stable business and belong in the ever so criteria filled industry of on-line e-commerce. Gone are the inflated prices and restrictions put on small business with low volume sales, now all merchants that are legally providing goods and services have an equal chance to compete.

Off Line Businesses.

In the last decade, the world has truly becoming a smaller place with companies outsourcing no longer with in their borders but reaching globally for experts to complete small projects, quite often at a better price and with more expertise.

We are all familiar with outsourcing done with India, but outsourcing has grown tremendously in nearly every professional sector. The internet has changed the way business people network and more often than not professionals can easily network across the globe.

Sending payments to part-time workers or non consistent project providers is becoming more common. What is lacking is a cost effect method that is secure to transfer these payments.

The e-wallet provides an easy platform to be able to disperse payments globally with out the hassle and costs of traditional methods. Making it simpler, faster and cheaper to transfer funds globally to small projects assigned to private workers world wide.

With an easy to set up free personal accounts, no costs of transferring funds and automatic exchange of currencies. The E-wallet system also is ideal to send funds for world wide employees, loved ones travelling or for any other reason you would need to transfer funds outside of your own country.

Trusted by merchants and consumers alike, our financial services span more than 180 countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses and we welcome you to join our growing e-wallet system.


Founded in 2005, Austpay International LTD. provides businesses and individuals with online payment solutions, as world economies grew and the on-line world established itself, Austpay continued to develop and add alternative to traditional payment methods to meet the needs of the market.

By understanding our customers and business merchants internationally, we developed a new branch to meet the needs of the ever growing online e-commerce community.
We help customers get their money where it needs to go securely and privately, and give businesses an option for accepting payments and making payouts in markets where traditional methods may not work.


Altercards E-Wallet
The Altercards E-Wallet is an online account that consumers in more than 180 countries have used to add, withdraw and transfer funds to and from Altercards merchants and other Altercards customers.

Altercards Merchant E-wallet Account

With the Altercards Merchant E-Wallet, Merchants also get access to one of the most successful transfer funds programs on the market. Our program allows consumers to spend safely online from the personal comfort of their homes yet reaching across the globe locations. 

Merchants are able to request funds transfers from both members and non members, removing the fear of limiting your market reach.
With Altercards customer service, world wide merchants can be assured that the customer is always heard and understood further releasing the stress of the language barrier and culture issues that can occur.
The Communication platform provided to account holders allows direct clear communication between users, no lost e-mails, no spamming and with a handy shipment tracking method; customers will always have a clear understanding of the status of their purchases’.

Funds Transfer

Altercards Funds Transfer is a fast, simple and secure way to instantly send money online. Available through your free Altercards E-Wallet customer account, Altercards Funds Transfer is a free alternative to traditional methods of sending money.

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